Poker Member Questions During Bank Disturbances at the Beginning of the Month

There are many people out there who need money, we meet many people who are active in the field of work to earn money. Work from morning until night to meet personal needs or family support. We know that the basic necessities, supplies and equipment that we want must be purchased or paid for using some money. That’s why people try to take advantage of the time to make as much money as possible and save money. We also find many people who are looking for money not only from one field, but also from various fields or other opportunities that can make money. For example, the hobby of playing gambling is the choice of the Indonesian people.

The activity of playing gambling is an activity that is prohibited by the Indonesian government for the convenience and good of the Indonesian people themselves. But if you are addicted, it is definitely very difficult to stop. Because people are very tempted by games that can produce up to millions of rupiah in a few minutes. The public is not worried because it has been played using a smartphone and one of them is an online poker game. Every day there are thousands of people playing and hundreds of people signing up. Regarding online poker, we will still discuss some more questions from members. Several questions were asked by poker members during this week when the bank experienced a bank disruption at the beginning of the month.

1. Why do you always ask for a photo of the proof of transfer?

The first question when this bank interruption is sudden and not as usual. Even though we are online, the bank has a sudden interruption, we cannot check the mutation of our member’s account and want to help if a member sends a photo of the transfer receipt in the form of an ATM receipt. The members asked “Why do you always ask for proof of transfer? Just check it first.” Sometimes we are very disappointed because of the lack of cooperation from the members. Even though our intention was to help and we had to because we couldn’t check our account mutations. There are about 40% of members whose deposits claim that there is no proof of transfer and we are forced to delay until the bank deposit returns to normal.

2. Why No Notification?

This second question is from a member that we convey to wait until the bank is back to normal. With the reason that members cannot provide proof of transfer because there is no receipt, they are at an internet cafe or through mBanking. Members plead and complain by asking “Why is there no notification that the bank is in trouble?” All members need to know, this disturbance is from the bank. Then also bank disturbances can occur at any time or suddenly at any time. We also really hope that the bank can return to normal so that it can help members play immediately. We also want members to be able to learn to confirm in advance about the status of the bank before making a deposit, for smooth play.

3. Is My Fund Refundable?

This third question is from a poker member that we had previously been forced to ask to wait until the bank is back to normal. But members want to play immediately and ask “Can the funds be returned first?” We apologize for the request or request raja303 for help from this member we cannot fulfill. Because the funds that have been transferred we cannot return them. The intent or purpose of this member is that when the funds have been returned, the member wants an interbank deposit to a bank that is still online and normal. So that the funds can be processed and members can play immediately. However, we also have work procedures and we hope that members can wait for normal banks.

4. Will My Funds Forfeit?

This fourth question was submitted by members who were worried or afraid of the funds that had already been transferred when the bank experienced a disruption. So the member asked “So my transfer of funds is forfeited or is it safe?” Members don’t need to worry if they have already transferred funds properly. If the bank is back to normal, we will definitely check it first. If the member’s funds do exist, enter and the deposit form has been filled in. We will immediately process the funds so that members can play. So members need not be afraid. We also have no malicious intent to take our members’ funds, because we love our members.